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First Contact - out now on Merkaba Music

Spoq - First Contact
Spoq - First Contact
Spoq - First Contact
Spoq - First Contact
Spoq - First Contact

First Contact

[2023, Merkaba Music]

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About this album:

Spoq's album "First Contact" defies conventions and shatters genre boundaries. With 10 mesmerizing tracks, this musical odyssey takes listeners on a unique and immersive experience that transcends the limits of electronic music.

Although this is a purely instrumental album, Spoq loves to create abstract narratives. "First Contact" embarks on a journey to a far future Science-Fiction world and centers around the question how humans surviving in a hostile, life-threatening alien environment would be able to deal with the universal need for affection.

Spoq's unparalleled ability to fuse seemingly disparate elements together is the essence of "First Contact." The tracks unfold like an otherworldly rollercoaster captivating the senses. Each piece is a sonic tapestry, intricately woven with complexity and depth, leading the listener through multiple emotional states within a single track, making each moment a thrilling surprise.

An unexpected and delightful aspect of "First Contact" is the artist's innovative choice of instruments Solid beats, heavy basslines and synths intertwine with sampled and resampled acoustic instruments. Layered even at times with textural orchestral strings, the compositions build up to breathtaking emotional passages that elevate the album's richness to new heights.

Spoq - First Contact
Spoq - First Contact
Spoq - First Contact
Spoq - First Contact
Spoq - First Contact
Spoq - First Contact
Spoq - First Contact
Spoq - First Contact


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Spoq is an electronic music project created by songwriter and composer Wolfram Gruss. Since 2014, Spoq has released a vast collection of engaging, intelligent, and experimental tracks. The project is at home in various genres, such as Downtempo, Lofi-Hiphop, Garage, Wave, Ambient, and IDM, but also ventures into new forms of sonic expression. The music is often cinematic and thought-provoking, blending acoustic and classical instruments and melodies with massive beats, crisp electronic percussion, deep synthetic basslines, and atmospheres. Wolfram frequently uses sampled found noises, which he processes into instruments, adding a unique organic feel to the compositions.

However, the project's primary objective is to evoke contrasting emotions. The tracks are complex, both in their sonic depth and dramatic storytelling. Spoq knows like few others to use the power of subtelties to send his audience on an emotional rollercoaster. The music can seamlessly move from a calm and comfortable state to an outburst of surprising happiness or the darkest, saddest moods within one single track. Although Spoq's music may appear sweet and soft, it has a biting edge that makes it an exceptional listening experience.

Wolfram Gruss resides in Aschaffenburg, Germany, and works full-time as a composer and sound designer for film, documentary, advertisement, interactive and live media. In addition, he releases his own tracks as Spoq, PNFA and Magnus Moone on independent and major labels.

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Sparkling melodies, dense ethereal atmosphere and mind tickling glitchy percussion: welcome to Mind Fusion. This series of 1 hour long mixes blends together beautiful Ambient vibes, experimental IDM elements and blissful lofi Triphop-Beats into a rewarding and stimulating listening experience. The single tracks come from various Spoq albums including new and soon-to-be released material, that were adapted, remixed and melded together especially for this mix.

Commercial Licensing

All Spoq tracks are available for commerical licensing. You can either purchase a license directly from me or from one of my partners. If you have any inquiries you can always send me an email. Let me know which track you are interested in, what project you want to use it in and where it will be shown and I will promtly reply with an offer.

All of my music is available for licensing on these platforms:

Youtube Content ID

The Youtube Content ID system was setup to protect copyrighted material from abuse. All my music is copyrighted / all rights reserved and in the Content ID Database. If you upload a video with a track of mine which you purchased a license for to Youtube, you will most likely receive this notice (it's NOT a warning and NOT a copyright strike), that copyrighted material has been used. The claim will be issued by Diventa Music (that's the label I work with) via DigDis! (that's the distributor I work with). So what next?

If your video is just fun and not monetized you don't need to even bother. The way the label / distributor has instructed Youtube, the claim will have no effect on your video. It's literally just a notice and you do not have to do anything unless you either want the claim gone anyway or you plan on monetizing the video. Youtube does all this completely automatically and unfortunately there is no way to release claims beforehand. So you can now either contest the claim on Youtube by uploading the receipt of your license and Youtube will check and release it. Or alternatively write me and I have it released manually. If you do have a monetized channel I would in general recommend to upload videos first in private mode, release all possible claims to make the video available for monetizing and then make it public.

If you ever have any questions or doubts about that let me know.

Reels / Social Media

No need to purchase a license if you just want to use Spoq tracks in the reels and videos you make with Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook etc. All Spoq tracks are already in the Meta and Byte Dance database. You can simply search for and add the track you wish.

This is only for pivate purposes and only within the respective network. It does NOT include paid preroll-ads or paid ads in general on any social network. For these purposes you need to obtain a commercial license.

No-Budget / Non-Profit / Student Works

I'm generally happy to support creative, non-commercial, non-profit, no- budget projects, student films etc. If you want my music for a project like that, just tell me about it and I'll most likely give you a free license in return for a credit and link.